August 29, 2016


Bell Work

  1. Glue your rough draft/sentence frames to page 18 in your interactive notebook. (Remember, hinge fold.)

  2. Take out your culture profile: “I Am” poem and artifact.

  3. Think about how you will complete your presentation.

    • Typed = 10 points

    • Presentation = 30 points

    • Artifact = 20 points

    • Poem = 40 points

Class Work

  1. Read your “I am” poem aloud to the class.

  2. Explain how your artifact relates to your culture’s…

    • cuisine

    • literature

    • art

    • music

    • fashion

    • religion


  1. Finish any incomplete work (i.e. any missing or incomplete pages in your interactive notebook).

  2. Bring in typed poem an artifact to present tomorrow

  3. Extra Credit (Optional Summative):
    • Participate in the 2016 Hispanic Heritage Month essay contest.
    • Theme: Honoring Hispanic American Heroes: Veterans, Military, Law Enforcement and First Responders
    • Submit your essay to theFL Department of Education for a chance to win a 4-year Florida Prepaid Scholarship by 5:00 p.m. Friday, September 9, 2016.
    • Don’t forget to submit your essay to Mrs. Casey via Office 365 for your credit in class.

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