Agenda 8/25/2016

Bellwork:  Get your IA Notebook from the cubbie.  Turn to page 10 and read the directions for BREAK THE MISTAKE. Then copy the following sentence onto page 15: (You should have used about 1/2 of page after this sentence.)

Break the Mistake:

For any decision in life whether it involves a job excepted or lost a marriage made or ended a school selected or a vote cast the evaluation comes down to one question would you do it all over again.

Fix the errors using proofreader marks (see page 11)

Homework: Missing work less than 5 days old, an IA Notebook if you do not have one properly setup.


Complete the reading (pg 41) and list examples on Tree Map on page 16.

1. Introduce RACE strategy – see page 13 in your IA Ntbk

a. Restate the question.

b. Answer the question.

c. Cite textual evidence.

d. Elaborate on the evidence.

2. Review “A Place to Call Home.”

3. As a class, answer the following question using the RACE strategy on page 17.

a. Are people generally happy or unhappy once they immigrate to the United States? Use the information in lines 15-51 to support your answer.

4. Answer the following questions using the RACE strategy:

a. Study the circle graph on page 43. What conclusion can you draw about the immigrants’ choice to come to the United States from the evidence shown here and the information provided in the text?

b. Reread lines 100-110. What contributes to immigrants’ false impressions of what life in the United States will be like?

c. How do the attitudes of the immigrants who have arrived her recently compare to those who arrived earlier? How are immigrants’ thoughts about their country of birth and their relationships with others from their birth country shifting?

d. What does the word now in the selection’s subtitle suggest about the information provided in the text?

e. In lines 1-14, what does it mean “to see America through the immigrant’s eyes”? Explain why the author believes that this is important.

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