August 24, 2016

Bellwork:  Get your IA Notebook from the cubbie.  Turn to page 10 and read the directions for BREAK THE MISTAKE. Then copy the following sentence onto page 15:

Write now the biggest concern for immigrants is much the same as for native born americans the economy and there own financial well being.

Fix the errors using proofreader marks (see page 11)

Homework: Missing work less than 5 days old, an IA Notebook if you do not have one, and set it up as we did today.


  • Unpack Unit 1

  • 1. Page 16- define the following terms in a tree map (see page 50 in Collections):

    a. Text feature: design elements that authors use to organize information, identify key ideas, and help guide readers through a text

    b. Heading: title of a text

    c. Subtitle: additional part of a title that may tell more about what the piece is about

    d. Subheading: headings within a text that introduce a new topic or section

    e. Bulleted List: a list of related and equally important points or ideas

    f. Graphs: used to illustrate statistical information and numerical relationships

    2. Read “A Place to Call Home” starting on page 41 in the textbook.

    3. Complete your tree map with examples of each text feature found in “A Place to Call Home.”

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