Agenda 8/23/2016

Bellwork:  Get your IA Notebook from the cubbie.  If you brought yours just today out of your book bag, and number your pages (PEN) up to 50 with #1 being a right hand page.  

Homework: Missing work less than 5 days old, an IA Notebook if you do not have one, and set it up as we did today.


  • By row go to the front of the class and pick up all handouts.  KEEP THEM IN ORDER!

  • Glue in your notebook:  DO NOT OVER GLUE or waste glue.  Trust me!  🙂

    1. Boring Bob/ Plain Polly

    2. Mindset quiz

    3. Mindset article (hinge fold)

    4. Thinking maps (color coded)

    5. (4) thinking maps you created (hinge fold)

    6. Centers activity- answers to station #4- class supplies

    7. Transitional words (yellow)

    8. Evidence based terms(blue)

    9. Descriptive words (white)

    10. Bell work directions (y)

    11. Editing marks (white)

    12. Lit terms (blue)

    13. R A C E (pink)

    14. Unit 1: Culture (yellow)

  1. Unpack Unit 1

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