Agenda 8/18/2016

Bell Work:  Get materials from cart by the door- handout(s) highlighter, and box of colored pencils.  Turn in signed syllabus to the tray in back of the room.  IA Notebook leave on your desk.

Classwork:  Read and color-mark the article for fixed and growth.  

1. Discuss: Thinking Processes, Thinking Maps, and Cognitive Indicators

2. Color-code thinking maps (outline maps with colored pencils/crayon/marker on handout):

a. bubble map – pink

b. brace map – black

c. bridge map – brown

d. circle map – orange

e. double bubble map – purple

f. flow map – blue

g. multi-flow map – red

h. tree map – green

3. Practice using the maps by completing the following:

a. Bubble map describing yourself.

b. Circle map defining growth mindset.

c. Double bubble map comparing and contrasting self with neighbor.

d. Tree map organizing class schedule into the following categories: favorite classes, least favorite classes, and challenging but worthwhile class.

4. Collect Thinking Maps handout and paper to be put in interactive notebook on Monday.

5. Unpack Unit 1.


  • Unfinished classwork (Plain Polly or Boring Bob)

  • Sign up for REMIND 101

  • Signature on course syllabus

  • Additional Supplies

  • Interactive Notebook is due no later than next Monday, 8/22/2016

  • Take Home folder by Monday, 8/22/2016


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