August 17, 2016

Warm Up:  

  • Get two handouts from trays by the door and one yellow highlighter
  • Have Interactive Notebook out on your desk (if you have one to turn in)
  • Get black SHARPIE and write your name and period on it
  • Schroyer to collect


  1. Take the MINDSET quiz= participation grade= just do your best:)
  2. Name on it and turn it in when collected.  Will become page 3 in your IA notebook
    Strong Growth Mindset = 45 – 60 pointsGrowth Mindset with some Fixed ideas = 34 – 44 points

    Fixed Mindset with some Growth ideas = 21 – 33 points

    Strong Fixed Mindset = 0 – 20 points

    Discuss: What kinds of things do we say to ourselves when we are trying to accomplish something new or difficult? 1. Watch: -and/or – 2. Read:

    3. Discuss: What is the difference between a fixed and a growth mindset? (Color mark the text)  Read article with Schroyer.  We will highlight as a way to annotate important and key words having to do with Metacognition one side versus the other.  Write your name on your page as it will become page 4 of your IA notebook.

    4. Create (period 3) or review Posters illustrating self-talk for each mindset.


  • Unfinished classwork (Plain Polly or Boring Bob)
  • Sign up for REMIND 101
  • Signature on course syllabus
  • Additional Supplies
  • Interactive Notebook is due no later than next Monday, 8/22/2016
  • Take Home folder by Monday, 8/22/2016

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