Agenda 11/14/2018

Bell work: Obtain your IA Notebook and title page 53- Walmart and the Turkey.  Document homework in your planner.

Homework:  Outside reading for the week


  • Glue page 52

  • Glue page 53 as a HALF-FOLD

  • Review the jobs found in a typical courtroom

  • Decide which are your top three jobs and document on other 1/2 of page 53

  • Select students for each task

  • Meet with your group and discuss the case taking notes on page 53


Agenda 11/13/2018

Bell work:  Grab your IA Notebook.  Keep your planner out and have your reading summary checked.

Homework:  Late reading logs unfinished Talking Turkey case.


  • Obtain 2nd court case (green handout)

  • Complete the reading and graphic organizer (the questions)  Use complete sentences.

Agenda 11/9/2018

Bell work:  Obtain your IA notebook and write homework in your planner

7th PERIOD ONLY– Secure glue and glue SOCIAL MEDIA handout onto page 49!

Homework:  Reading log #7 is due the Tuesday we get back from long weekend.  This includes last week’s late reading log. 


  • Mark your text as needed

  • Students will read the lawsuit entitled, Choke on This. As a class we will go through the directions and how to fill out the following sheet.  

  • When completed students will read another lawsuit entitled Out Cold. Students will complete the following sheet about the lawsuit.  

Agenda 11//8/2018

Bell work:  Obtain your IA Notebook and turn to page 51.  Finish gluing if needed.

Homework:  Read for 30 minutes.

Classwork:  Keep notebook open to pages 46 and 47

  • Add one piece of dialogue which you recall from the play (SAME)

  • Add one piece of dialogue you do not remember from the play (DIFFERENT)

  • Enjoy your movie snack but be sure to clean up after yourself

Agenda 11/7/2018

Bell work:  Turn your answers for the plot diagram quiz into the tray in back of the room.  Locate both a PENCIL and a PEN!  Say what?

Homework:  Outside reading due next Tuesday.  Late reading logs are due as well.


  • Take The Diary of Anne Frank test

  • Be sure to carefully bubble in your answers

  • Sit quietly or you may read your book until time is called

  • Reveal correct plot diagram answers

  • Glue boxes onto your plot diagram

  • Turn in your IA notebook

Agenda 11/6/2018


Bell work:  Locate your IA Notebook, a pair of scissors, and a ruler.  Leave your notebook out on your desk if you have your reading log to be checked.

Homework: TEST on Diary of Anne Frank is tomorrow Finish your Plot Diagram if you did not finish this today! Late reading logs, late bubble maps, late Text Questions from page 324


  • Create Anne Frank Plot Diagramon page 51 of your notebook.  Use as much space as possible for the rising action; there is a lot.

  • Cut apart boxes cutting away all white space but NOT the numbers


  • Document your answers.  Turn this in as you enter the room tomorrow.

Agenda 11/5/2018

Bell work:  Obtain your IA notebook.  Turn to page 50 and title it Analyzing the Text– page 324.

Homework:  Complete today’s classwork if you didn’t have enough time.  Reading logs to be checked again tomorrow.


  • page 324

  • Answers questions 1-4

  • Must be in RACE paragraph form.  Try for eight sentences per paragraph.  Be sure question number two has two RACE paragraphs.